Seth Jaffe resides in Houston, Texas near the downtown area in a self-built warehouse-loft conversion.  A native of Oklahoma City, Seth attended Casady High School, graduating in 1989.  He then attended Davidson College in North Carolina where he pursued a liberal arts education with emphasis on English and psychology.  Shortly after, he entered the University of Texas Aerospace Engineering program, attaining a degree in 1996.  Mr. Jaffe took a position at NASA’s Johnson Space Center as a Space Shuttle flight controller in the attitude dynamics division.  He flew several flights and was lead pointing controller for STS-96.  In early 2000, Seth took a project manager position with Perceptual Robotics Incorporated in Chicago, IL.  There he developed robotic camera systems with web-enabled streaming and high-rate still picture serving.  While in Chicago, Seth began to freelance as a fashion photographer for Elite, Aria, and Ford modeling agencies.  In 2002, he negotiated to contract for Perceptual Robotics via his own security/alarm company from Miami, Florida.  Mr. Jaffe continued his work as professional photographer shooting for magazines in Chicago, New York, and Brazil.  Seth split his time between Miami and Sao Paulo, following the fashion circuit.  He continued to own the security/alarm company where he specialized in real-time video monitoring via web streaming.  He also developed an anti-kidnapping system with an embedded neighborhood-based wireless network system.  In 2004, Seth Jaffe returned to the space program as a flight controller for the International Space Station where he is currently rated to fly the Station as the Attitude Determination Control Officer.  

In the summer of 2008, Seth began the part-time law program at the University of Houston Law Center.  He is a member of the Houston Law Review and the secretary of the Intellection Property Student Organization (IPSO) and the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) student representative for the University of Houston.   Seth Jaffe is also a member of HIPLA and the Association International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN).  He is a licensed Patent Agent.  

Seth Jaffe fills the time between work and school with several hobbies including research in home automation computer technology, environmental stewardship, art and retro-film photography, volunteerism, long-distance running, and culinary arts.  

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Random History Points

Seth was born in Iowa City, Iowa.

Seth attended Westminister Grade School in Oklahoma City.

Seth attended Casady High School in Oklahoma City.

Seth attended Davidson College in North Carolina.

Seth attended University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

Seth attended Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Seth has lived in Oklahoma City, Tel Aviv, Charlotte, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Moscow, Chicago, Miami, Salvador Bahia, and Sao Paulo.