10/11/2010 09:16

Garden Update

I planted the winter crop this weekend, after I took a midterm.  This time I germinated the snow peas and the cilantro, so let's hope for some strong growers.  Arugula and various lettuces are the major crop.  Unfortunately we are still in the 90's in middle October, but I hope to...


01/21/2009 13:20

Solar Dedication at Workshop Houston

On Saturday, January 24th the Workshop Houston (formally Third Ward Bikeshop) will be dedicating their new solar array.  The festivities kick off with a morning bikeride and then culminate with the throwing of the switch at around 11:30.  I invite you to attend and meet the Oberlin crowd...


11/07/2008 07:11

Taping for the Blind

Wouldn't you know it, they have a Taping for the Blind center here.  I worked at Recording for the Blind in Austin while I was at school.  I remember wanting to continue it when I moved to Houston 12 years ago but I couldn't find it.  I suppose Internet search engines weren't mature...


10/05/2008 15:22

Peoples Lawyer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to volunteer for a Peoples Lawyer session at the University of Houston Law Center.  This is a free service offered by the University where anyone can attend free classes on the basics of rights under the law.  Dean Alderman ran a tight ship and had an army...


10/01/2008 15:30

Community Log Purpose

This web log serves as my portal for what is happening in my community.  I plan to post various services available to the Houston Community here as well as volunteer opportunities.  Please stop by on occasion to see what I am doing in the community or, even better, subscribe to the...