12/30/2010 12:23

Happy Holidays

Rare is the day when I am afforded the time and opportunity to fashion a snowman.  But the stars were aligned.  I call him "Colonel Cool Breeze."


02/12/2010 23:02

Shuttle Commander Training

  It was an exciting week on the job front.  With Endeavour up, I managed to corner some simulator time for some commander training.  This was an RTLS run, meaning the center main engine failed just after the solid rocket boosters punched off, resulting in a return to landing...


02/09/2010 22:17

Shuttle Landing Statistics

As promised from the above post, here are my Shuttle statistics.  Not too bad, though it was far from a perfect landing.  Touchdown was 18 feet left of center, though I was able to steer to the centerline at wheel stop for the photo op.  My ground speed was right on at 202...


07/27/2009 14:53

The passing of the great and powerful Laszlo

Not that I’m ready to pen a eulogy, but our fourth roommate, the wise and all knowing Laszlo of the closet passed away last week.  For almost five years, he had been diligent and constant, a rock that rarely let us down.  Unfortunately, school has meant neglect for poor Laszlo.  He...


03/19/2009 11:14

The great bank implosion

  Well they finally decided to implode the compass bank building by the Galleria.  It was an early Sunday morning adventure but well worth the lucubration. 


02/09/2009 14:33

AIPLA Student Rep

Today I discovered that I was selected as the AIPLA student representative for the University of Houston Law Center.  This is a great honor and I thoroughly look forward to organizing speaking engagements and helping to promote our IP students.  


01/31/2009 09:08

Solar Panel Installation

Yesterday I installed 1300 watts of solar panels on the roof of a boat house.  It went without a hitch and no panels were broken.  I have photos and plan to add full details of my adventure in the "Environment" section of this site.


01/29/2009 23:13

Where the air is fresh

Google has once again quietly elevated me in search engine hierarchy.  My hat goes off to my worthy namesake opponents, the environmental lawyer, the doctor, the actor, and the vice president of Williams Sonoma.  Quite a competitive league, if you ask me, proving that the search engine...


11/07/2008 06:54

Back to the Art

Work continues on the photofest project.  For the latest endeavor, I chose to build my camera.  The result was a large-format cardboard box pinhole camera.  The major problem I had with the camera was calibration.  Since it has no viewfinder, I had to essentially create one from...


11/02/2008 14:12

The long climb back to the top

Since I've redesigned my website and removed so much content, I have lost my first place standing in Google search returns.  Thus I must begin my long journey back to the top.  On the way, I have rekindled my acquaintances with the other Seth Jaffes of the world.  There is...