HIPLA Luncheon on Electronic Discovery

01/22/2009 14:28

I attended a presentation from Mary Lou Flynn-DuPart of Jackson Walker LLP today.  This was a HIPLA-sponsored luncheon with the topic of electronic discovery, a heightened area of interest for me, given my background in efficiency management.  A couple of good tips: parcel the work up by custodian, rather than just breaking it up piecemeal.  In other words, better to play man-to-man than zone when reviewing documents.  Also, watch for time stamps, especially when collecting overseas discovery or coast-to-coast as many of the e-discovery software programs arrange by embedded local time-stamp rather than GMT. 

Don't forget to build a snatch-back clause in your protective order for discovery so even the federal cases won't get away from you.

As of January 31st, the presentation hasn't been posted yet.  But when it is posted, it will be here.