JSC conservation initiative

10/31/2008 16:45

I met Mr. Ron Williams today.  He is the energy manager for NASA Johnson Space Center.  They had a booth promoting conservation so I stopped by and asked why JSC leaves virtually all of their lights on 24 hours a day.  The problem, apparently, comes down to the lack of breakers.  When most buildings were built, only limited breakers were installed.  This is unfortunate, he admitted, because it drastically reduced the number of timers they could install.  They do have some timers that shut the lights off after hours but if even one person is in the building, the only way to light the person's specific office is to trip the timer for the whole building.  I suggested some of the high amperage wireless switches that I use at my warehouse.  It would be low cost solution although it would be logistically difficult to track, given they would have to install them in the ceilings.  Mr. Williams remarked the major problem with that is that all the lighting lines would have to be traced (meaning they have not kept schematics of their lighting system) and, more importantly, there are asbestos concerns.  Sad.