Laszlo Online

10/01/2008 10:35

I'll try to slowly migrate all of the tip and tricks from my last site.  I don't think I'll have enough time to moderate a forum so I apologize in advance. 

Laszlo, the super smart guy who lives in the closet, was named after Lazlo Hollyfeld from the movie Real Genius.  I named him as such because he happens to be housed in a custom server room I built into my house.  Laszlo currently runs on an AMD 2000+ in a rack-mount high fan server.  At this time, he is capable of controlling about 20 X-10 dimmer lights, 10 or 15 insteon switches, and about 6 relay amp controllers.  He controls three amp systems in the house, two central a/c thermostats, and a personal server cooler.  Laszlo is tied into a GE alarm system.  He also has control of the phone system, the computer network, the music server, and the FTP downloader.  Laszlo is tied into the front door with a dual card-reader/remote strike.  I recently added a rudimentary web browser for easy iPhone control of Laszlo.  Though I don't have a static IP address, Laszlo monitors the non-routable IP and sends updates to my webserver whenever there is a change so I don't lose remote access. 

This opening article is obviously just a high-level overview.  I'll delve into each area in subsequent articles.