Necessity of Modular Design

02/12/2014 23:16

As we transition to our next technological revolution, that of Home Automation and Wearable Computing, we are going to face two problems.  The first is the problem of how to tech up wearable items that are, for the most part, bordering on disposable.  The other is how to design home components that can last as long as the home itself.  The answer, of course, is modular design.  And two interconnected solutions are required to solve those two problems.  The first, naturally, is the creation of a computing chip that can operate in multiple hardware berths.  Intel is leading the pack on that with its Edison chip.  The second requirement is the interconnectivity itself.  That's still anyone's ball game, though I think Nest is going to throw its hat in the ring.  I suspect Nest will only focus on the Home Automation platform, though.  This would be a myopic move, as I see it, because Wearable Computing and Home Automation are themselves related.  More on this later.  Some MIT researchers are giving it a go as well, though their solution is more geared toward latency reduction and collective responses.  More on this later as well.