Shuttle Landing Statistics

02/09/2010 22:17

As promised from the above post, here are my Shuttle statistics.  Not too bad, though it was far from a perfect landing.  Touchdown was 18 feet left of center, though I was able to steer to the centerline at wheel stop for the photo op.  My ground speed was right on at 202 knots.  It was the sink rate that left me wanting.  I came down a bit slow with a -2.8 sink rate.  That resulted in a touchdown 3100 feet into the runway.  Luckily, Kennedy has a nice long strip and I was able to make up for it with the speed brakes.  The Shuttle has a toe brake system.  So if you haven’t considered trying to steer a 200,000 lb air brick moving at 230 mph with your feet while trying to brake with your toes at the same time that you are flipping switches to deploy a drag chute, then perhaps you’ll tip your hat to the pilots a bit.