Taping for the Blind

11/07/2008 07:11

Wouldn't you know it, they have a Taping for the Blind center here.  I worked at Recording for the Blind in Austin while I was at school.  I remember wanting to continue it when I moved to Houston 12 years ago but I couldn't find it.  I suppose Internet search engines weren't mature enough back then.  Plus I kept searching for the word "recording" rather than "taping."  Ironically, it was there all along and only three blocks away from my first apartment in Houston. 

Yesterday I went in and submitted my volunteer form.  Taping for the Blind is a bigger organization than Recording for the Blind.  They have a full 24-hour per day radio station where they read magazines and newspapers.  However, like the other institution, they don't seem to share much with other similar programs.  I can't figure out why they are reading the Wall Street Journal, a national newspaper.  Surely this burden can be nationalized.  Regardless, I signed up for the book reading.  In college, I was the goto guy for math and science books.  They don't seem to have much of those here in Houston. 

Since it is has been so long, they made me audition again.  I think there were 40 vocabulary words to test pronunciation (they had a few of my favorites on there like recalitrant and quixotic).  Then I read an article about Taping for the Blind's program to describe live plays in the theater district.  Granted the article is old (1994) about a play staring Marie Osmond, but the program is still alive and well. 

If you are interested in Taping for the Blind, you can contact them at 713-622-2767.  And you can even watch a promo on youtube.