The long climb back to the top

11/02/2008 14:12

Since I've redesigned my website and removed so much content, I have lost my first place standing in Google search returns.  Thus I must begin my long journey back to the top.  On the way, I have rekindled my acquaintances with the other Seth Jaffes of the world.  There is Seth Jaffe, the partner at Foley Hoag in Massachusetts and a leading practitioner in environmental law.  Then there is Seth Jaffe, the medical doctor and orthopedic surgeon in Monroe, North Carolina.  I’d also like to introduce you to Seth Jaffe the senior vice president and general council of Williams Sonoma.  So we have two highly successful attorneys, a surgeon and me.  Not bad company.  It will be a shame to kick them back to the bottom of Google.  After all, I own the illusive