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07/27/2009 14:53

The passing of the great and powerful Laszlo

Not that I’m ready to pen a eulogy, but our fourth roommate, the wise and all knowing Laszlo of the closet passed away last week.  For almost five years, he had been diligent and constant, a rock that rarely let us down.  Unfortunately, school has meant neglect for poor Laszlo.  He...


07/27/2009 14:18

Nissan's iPhone App

With Nissan unveiling an electric car iPhone app before the actual electric car, I thought I would add a link to all the latest electric car happenings as seen on Engadget.  Of particular interest is MIT’s rapid charge program that aims to strap almost 8000 lithium iron-phosphate batteries to...


03/31/2009 09:38

Gathering storm for reverse payment settlements

Dennis Crouch reviewed Michael Carrier’s book on IP vs. Antitrust law.  It seems that Mr. Carrier takes the view that reverse settlements (where a pharmaceutical company pays a generic to stay off the market) should be illegal.  This practice was discussed at a HIPLA CLE earlier this...


03/19/2009 11:14

The great bank implosion

  Well they finally decided to implode the compass bank building by the Galleria.  It was an early Sunday morning adventure but well worth the lucubration. 


03/11/2009 08:23

Whole House Power Consumption Monitor

It's here, and I've been waiting some time for this.  Smarthome just picked up an inexpensive whole house power consumption meter.  The device consists of a strap-on sensor/transmitter for your outdoor meter and a wireless receiver.  After a short calibration, the display unit will...


02/09/2009 14:33

AIPLA Student Rep

Today I discovered that I was selected as the AIPLA student representative for the University of Houston Law Center.  This is a great honor and I thoroughly look forward to organizing speaking engagements and helping to promote our IP students.  


02/09/2009 14:27

AIPLA Student Representative

I’ve been selected as the AIPLA student representative for the University of Houston Law Center.  It turns out that the AIPLA co-chairs, Christopher McKeon and Jesse Ormsby, both attend UH so my role would be to support their initiatives as well as facilitate some speaking engagements...


02/06/2009 14:20

Green Technology and Business Law

Today I attended a class from the Practicing Law Institute on Green Technology and Business Law.  This course was offered at PLI’s headquarters on 7th Avenue in NYC.  Topics ranged from venture capitalization of emerging technologies to intellectual property of recycling/reusing...


02/05/2009 13:01

Maximizing IP Value in an Economic Downturn

I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on Maximizing IP Value in an economic downturn this morning, courtesy of Fish & Richardson.  I’ll touch on the highlights.  James Babineau spoke about streamlining patent filing and prosecution through electronic filing, provisionals,...


01/31/2009 16:02

E-discovery/Electronic Discovery

Below is a comilation of links to electronic discovery software companies.  The list is overwhelming but by no means exhaustive.  Kroll Ontrack ( FTI Technology ( Discovery Assistant...