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02/12/2014 23:16

Necessity of Modular Design

As we transition to our next technological revolution, that of Home Automation and Wearable Computing, we are going to face two problems.  The first is the problem of how to tech up wearable items that are, for the most part, bordering on disposable.  The other is how to design home...


02/12/2014 22:46

Longevity of Home Components

One of the premier problems that designers of home automation products will have to deal with is the longevity of the common home.  Unlike the given lifetime of a smartphone, a computer, or any typical overpriced consumer electronic, home components are expected to live the life of the house,...


12/30/2010 12:23

Happy Holidays

Rare is the day when I am afforded the time and opportunity to fashion a snowman.  But the stars were aligned.  I call him "Colonel Cool Breeze."


10/11/2010 09:16

Garden Update

I planted the winter crop this weekend, after I took a midterm.  This time I germinated the snow peas and the cilantro, so let's hope for some strong growers.  Arugula and various lettuces are the major crop.  Unfortunately we are still in the 90's in middle October, but I hope to...


10/11/2010 09:09

Telecom slugfest

Oh what a precarious web is weaved within telecom litigation.  Take a look at a diagram that tries to synthesize the current lawsuits.


05/15/2010 21:52

Trademark Pathfinder

Here is a legal pathfinder for the subject of trademarks.  The purpose is to guide both the experienced practitioner and novice law student through the available sources of trademark law.  The first file is the table of contents of the paper; the second is the paper itself.  Comments...


02/12/2010 23:02

Shuttle Commander Training

  It was an exciting week on the job front.  With Endeavour up, I managed to corner some simulator time for some commander training.  This was an RTLS run, meaning the center main engine failed just after the solid rocket boosters punched off, resulting in a return to landing...


02/09/2010 22:17

Shuttle Landing Statistics

As promised from the above post, here are my Shuttle statistics.  Not too bad, though it was far from a perfect landing.  Touchdown was 18 feet left of center, though I was able to steer to the centerline at wheel stop for the photo op.  My ground speed was right on at 202...


02/09/2010 18:29

Laszlo Lives Again

I’m happy to report that Laszlo, the home automation computer, is back with us.  The 2.0 version sports a dual core processor, more onboard cache, and significantly faster memory.  Of course, home automation mostly just telemeters bit commands and so the computer doesn’t really require...


08/27/2009 14:32

That Special Visitor (or how to securely let someone into your house on the cheap)

Because I keyed every lock in my house off a master, I don’t like letting anyone borrow a key.  If I were to lose a key, it would require changing 11 locks.  It takes me on average of 20 minutes to rekey a lock (yes, I’m very slow) so I came up with a way to let people into my...