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01/31/2009 09:08

Solar Panel Installation

Yesterday I installed 1300 watts of solar panels on the roof of a boat house.  It went without a hitch and no panels were broken.  I have photos and plan to add full details of my adventure in the "Environment" section of this site.


01/29/2009 23:13

Where the air is fresh

Google has once again quietly elevated me in search engine hierarchy.  My hat goes off to my worthy namesake opponents, the environmental lawyer, the doctor, the actor, and the vice president of Williams Sonoma.  Quite a competitive league, if you ask me, proving that the search engine...


01/29/2009 23:05

Meta Data: Is it public record?

Interesting article from K&L Gates about a recent decision in Arizona (Lake v. City of Phoenix, 2009 WL 73256 (Ariz. Ct. App. Jan. 13, 2009) distinguishing between a written document and the meta data therein. The court decided that the meta data did not serve the purpose of public record and...


01/22/2009 14:28

HIPLA Luncheon on Electronic Discovery

I attended a presentation from Mary Lou Flynn-DuPart of Jackson Walker LLP today.  This was a HIPLA-sponsored luncheon with the topic of electronic discovery, a heightened area of interest for me, given my background in efficiency management.  A couple of good tips: parcel the work up by...


01/21/2009 13:29

LED Lamp

Not that I advocate the end of Christmas, but one benefit is the dramatic price reductions of Christmas lights, specifically LEDs.  I managed to find the saturday supersaver price on a set of white LED lights for around $10 (although I heard the 75% off sales had them down to $3).  My...


01/21/2009 13:20

Solar Dedication at Workshop Houston

On Saturday, January 24th the Workshop Houston (formally Third Ward Bikeshop) will be dedicating their new solar array.  The festivities kick off with a morning bikeride and then culminate with the throwing of the switch at around 11:30.  I invite you to attend and meet the Oberlin crowd...


01/10/2009 17:56

Ghost in the machine

The problem with X-10 technology is, well, X-10 technology.  Now I must caveat that it works very well on clean lines.  The problem is that there are several "dirty devices" that produce an inordinate amount of line noise.  For the last few months, I've been chasing a pest in my...


01/10/2009 17:49

Green Technology Law and Business 2009

I have to hand it to PLI.  They run a solid shop for passing the Patent Bar.  And little did I know they offer scholarships.  When I saw a Green Technology class posting, I inquired about a student discount.  They said they offer full scholarships and invited me to apply. ...


12/02/2008 08:49

Solar Water Heaters

The solar water heater has been a staple in places like Tel Aviv since I can remember.  Few residents (except in the high rises) actually use electricity to take a hot shower.  But for some reason, this technology has been completely unused here in the States, so much so that it is...


11/07/2008 07:11

Taping for the Blind

Wouldn't you know it, they have a Taping for the Blind center here.  I worked at Recording for the Blind in Austin while I was at school.  I remember wanting to continue it when I moved to Houston 12 years ago but I couldn't find it.  I suppose Internet search engines weren't mature...